about the owner=)

heyy=) im the owner of this amazing site. i love graphic designing and am really good on computers but im farrrr farrrrr away from a nerd. lmfao=D i have a cat named whitey and a dog named herculies. if they die i would die. i love them. i cant live without my friends. but i promise im far from it. and usually im too nice and ppl walk all over me. but w/e idc anymore bout that crap. i love my computer and i love my cell phone<3 i was born on December 23rd and my friends say i have rainbow hair (i dont know.....=D) bc in pictures sometimes it looks blue/purple and in the sun its red. and in shade and normally its brown. i can be random at times but that is when im madd hyper. i like sugar and sugar cubes. and sometimes i even eat it out of a bowl with a spoon. its not healthy but it is really yummy=) im dying for 10kbut right now i only have 2k ='[ ill reach it. i have a sister and i have a brother. most of my family either lives far like germany or is dead=( are family "get-togethers" are small and usually are full of yelling or what they like to call "loud talking" lmfaoooo=P i site model. www.myspace.com/sitemodelamandaa and my screenname is aamandacupcakes@aol.com  or mandiibabii1223@aol.com im pretty much done. peace out(=

contact me. ask me anything=)




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